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Check out the tab "Semidiesel" tab.

My latest interest is what we Norwegians call "Semidiesel", which probably is "Hotbulb" engine in English, but I am not sure.

If you go to the "Semidiesel" tab you will find some information about the Semidiesel Engines. It's a job in progress so more will come. It's in Norwegian by the way.




 "Talavera" pages

Our boat Talavera have a new deck fitted in Dec 2018. The old deck was very nice, but leaking, so it had to be covered by Aluminium. 


"Semidiesel" pages

Have added a lot of information about the various engine maker in Norway from early 1900.


A bit about the page.

If you go to the "Pages" tab you will find all the links that used to be on our previous page, and more. On the front page, this one, I have added the ones I think you use most of the time. Let me know if you want to add some.








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